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General and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Are your teeth discolored from smoking or antibiotics? 

Have they yellowed from aging or have they always been darker than you'd like?

Now you can have the bright, fresh smile you've wanted for so longówithout the stress, pain, and  expense of caps or other complex procedures.

Tooth whitening is a remarkable process that removes stains and discolorations from the teeth.  Itís more effective than the commercially available products, because is uses a whitening gel thatís only available from a dentist.  An appliance that holds the gel in place is custom-made to fit comfortably over the teeth.  Itís completely safe under the supervision of a dental professional.  Results occur after the very first application, with maximum results after 7-14 days. 

Results typically last for several years.  If patients use substances that stain the teeth like coffee, tea, tobacco, or red wine, touch-ups can be done for a few days once or twice a year. 

Tooth whitening can benefit almost anyone.  Contact Dr. Beldenís office if you would like to know more.





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